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CellSelect Software


CellSelectâ„¢ Software

CellSelect software is an integral part of the ICELL8 Single Cell System. CellSelect software confidently identifies single-cells isolated using the Multi-Sample NanoDispenser (MSND) via an automated imaging station. By providing automated selection for cells of interest the user retains control over how best to process samples for downstream applications.

CellSelect Advantages


  • Automated or user-guided selection of wells containing your single-cells
  • Maximize sequencing efficiency by sequencing only what you need 


  • Automated cell counts for each well
  • Optional manual image review


  • Automated confirmation of single-cell isolation
  • Rapid scan time ensures greater cell viability

CellSelect Software Walkthrough

This powerful software quickly identifies, selects and prepares only the cells you want. In this walkthrough, we show you how the software identifies live single cells, how you can manually triage your samples, and explore custom settings to maximize single cell isolation.

Selected Well

Rejected Well

Cell Viability

CellSelect software provides automated identification of cells in multiple channels. Hoechst dye can be used to stain DNA and identify all cells present in a well. Propidium Iodide (PI) can be used to determine cell viability. Compromised cells will stain positive with PI.

CellSelect Software will identify wells containing any PI stained cells and automatically de-select those cells for further processing (this selection can be changed by the user)

Rejected Well — 2-cell-cluster

Rejected Well — 3-cell-cluster

Multi-Cell Well Identification

CellSelect software provides the only automated verification of multi-cell containing wells. Accurate determination of complex clustering ensures the user has greater control for identifying and removing doublet-cell containing wells for evaluation.


Single Cell Confidence and Control with ICELL8

Request access to this Webinar to see how CellSelect™ software quickly identifies, selects and prepares the cells you want to study. While other approaches require sequencing the entire sample without prior verification, ICELL8 gives you the confidence that you are sequencing only the live, single cells of your choice.