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ICELL8™ Single-Cell System


ICELL8 Single-Cell System

Cellular heterogeneity can obscure the vital actions of individual cells. Single-cell analysis is the fastest and easiest method to accurately study complex systems. With unparalleled cell isolation, cell selection, and sample throughput, the ICELL8 Single-Cell System will dramatically increase the pace of your biological discoveries. With the ICELL8 System, you now have control of your single-cell analysis; getting you the results you need to further your research.

ICELL8 Advantages


  • Isolate thousands of single cells
  • Maximize throughput with rapid dispensing and imaging
  • Analyze cells of any size with unbiased cell isolation


  • Choose specific cells to process using advanced imaging software
  • Maximize experimental efficiency by analyzing only cells of interest


  • Evaluate up to 8 sample types or conditions on each chip
  • Experimental flexibility supports your research


The ICELL8 Single-Cell System consists of a unique pairing of reagents, hardware, and software. ICELL8 Chip technology is developed for single-cell isolation through individual well barcoding for cell registration and reagent optimization to enhance cell separation and viability. The hardware leverages the attuned sensitive and accurate sample dispensing power of the WaferGen Multi-Sample Nano-Dispenser (MSND) with a powerful imaging station. CellSelect software bridges these technologies by automatic selection for cells of interest and  user control over how best to process samples for downstream applications. This system-level solution for single-cell isolation  results in a powerful and user-friendly research tool for discovery.

ICELL8 System MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND)

The MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND) deposits nanoliter volumes of cells and reagents into the ICELL8 Chip in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The MSND is capable of dispensing 8 unique samples evenly across the chip in 15 minutes. The rapid dispensing and environmental control helps to ensure sustained cell viability throughout the cell isolation process.

Imaging Station

Imaging Station

The Imaging Station is an easy to use optical system that is purpose-configured for the ICELL8 Chip. The system has been developed for rapid image capture of individual wells on the chip, includes fluorescence detection of commonly used dyes in single cell research. The imaging station is designed to interface directly with CellSelect software.

CellSelect™ Software

CellSelect™ Software

CellSelect Software interrogates images of each well and evaluates multiple parameters to determine the number of cells present and the cell viability state. The highly optimized software will automatically identify wells with single cells and evaluate viability to recommend wells for downstream processing. It also provides the researcher the flexibility to review and manually change or select additional wells for processing.

3’ RNA-Seq

3’ RNA-Seq Workflow

ICELL8 Chips and Reagents for 3’ RNA-Seq

The ICELL8 Chip and Reagent kit consists of an ICELL8 Chip, cell suspension reagents, and down-stream sample prep for RNA-seq applications. The ICELL8 Chip contains 5,184 nanowells with unique barcodes in each well. The chip ensures a range of cell sizes can be accommodated, as well as enabling robust and repeatable imaging. Kit reagents support cell dilution and viability maintenance, and oligos for NGS sample preparation.

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Prof. Sten Linnarsson, Karolinska Institutet

Professor Linnarsson uses the ICELL8 Single-Cell System to explore the basic biological questions of what is a cell type, and how are different cell types established in development.


Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis of Mouse Cortex Using the ICELL8 System

Sten Linnarsson, Ph.D, of the Karolinska Institutet gives a brief synopsis of single-cell analysis methods, and presents ICELL8 System experimental results and system performance at AGBT 2016.

AGBT 2016 ICELL8 - See More. Discover More

Maithreyan Srinivasan, Ph.D, CTO of WaferGen Biosystems presents an overview of the ICELL8 Single-Cell System, at AGBT 2016. Human-Mouse experiment results are also presented, showing a 1.3% doublet capture rate.


ICELL8 System Webinar

Request your access to the ICELL8 Single-Cell System Webinar. There you will learn how the ICELL8 system identifies 1% sub-populations using single-cell analysis with Next-Generation Sequencing, and see results demonstrating Human/Mouse cell separation via single-cell analysis.

Single Cell Confidence and Control with ICELL8

Request access to this Webinar to see how CellSelect™ software quickly identifies, selects and prepares the cells you want to study. While other approaches require sequencing the entire sample without prior verification, ICELL8 gives you the confidence that you are sequencing only the live, single cells of your choice.

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