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ICELL8 Single-Cell System ?>

ICELL8 Single-Cell System

The ICELL8 Single-Cell System is the first of its kind platform. The system enhances single-cell research through the power of isolating up to 1,800 cells of any type and size, control of cell selection for down-stream processing and providing biological insight by investigating up to 8 samples on a single chip.

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Apollo 324™ ?>

Apollo 324™

The Apollo 324™ Next Generation Sample Preparation System provides Clinical Researchers with the greatest sample preparation flexibility, workflow convenience, and system reliability.

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SmartChip TE ?>

SmartChip TE

The SmartChip NGS Target Enrichment System provides Clinical Researchers easy to customize panels. Utilizing singleplex PCR, you can achieve unparalleled sample uniformity and coverage. Combine that with the fastest and easiest workflow available and you have a complete solution to streamline your experiment.

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SmartChip Real-Time PCR ?>

SmartChip Real-Time PCR

The SmartChip Real-Time PCR System provides Clinical Researchers a high throughput platform that maximizes their reagents while providing the flexibility of the SmartChip’s 5,184 nanowells. Whether its Gene Expression or Genotyping the system’s capability to run 5,184 samples in 2 hours means any project can be designed and executed quickly and efficiently.

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