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Single-Cell Analysis

Single-cell analysis is the fastest and easiest method to accurately study complex samples

Single-Cell Analysis

Characterization of individual cells provides insight into the unique responses to environment and stimuli that traditional “bulk-level” analysis of mixed-populations of cells confounds.

WaferGen Advantages


  • Isolate thousands of single cells
  • Maximize throughput with rapid dispensing and imaging
  • Analyze cells of any size with unbiased cell isolation


  • Choose specific cells to process using advanced imaging software
  • Maximize efficiency by analyzing only cells of interest


  • Evaluate up to 8 sample types or conditions on each chip
  • Experimental flexibility supports your research

Systems and Reagents for this Application

ICELL8™ Single-Cell System

ICELL8™ Single-Cell System

Capture up to 1,800 single cells per chip and select which cells to process for NGS analysis.

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