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SmartChip TE



The SmartChip NGS Target Enrichment Systems provide Clinical Researchers with easy to customize panels via two simple solutions: Screen large panels with a single sample with the SmartChip TE NanoDispenser, or screen multiple samples with the Seq-Ready TE Multisample NanoDispenser. Both dispensers utilize SmartChip technology and singleplex PCR to achieve unparalleled sample uniformity and coverage. Combine them with the fastest and easiest workflow available and you have a complete solution to streamline your experiment.

SmartChip TE Advantages


  • Massively parallel single-plex reactions for greater coverage


  • Library prep and target enrichment in a single step with a less than 4 hour workflow


  • Add or remove assays without affecting the entire panel

The Seq-Ready TE system, powered by massive parallel single-plex chemistry.

The Seq-Ready TE MultiSample NanoDispenser (MSND) provides one tube target enrichment and flexibility in panel design while allowing you to run multiple samples on the same chip.

Seq-Ready™ TE MultiSample Workflow

One-step target enrichment & library prep

Highly Flexible Panel Configurations

The SmartChip Seq-Ready Panel, when combined with the MSND, provides many custom panel options. When utilized in FLEX mode you can dispense your own assays into the 5,184 well SmartChip or, for a wider range of configurations, have WaferGen predispense your assays into SmartChips and ship them to you ready for your samples.

Off the Shelf BRCA 1/2 Panel

WaferGen offers an off the shelf BRCA ½ panel. It offers the highest coverage uniformity, 100x minimum coverage, and 100% coverage of both genes. Combine that with our fast and easy Seq-Ready target enrichment and library prep workflow and you have a complete solution for your BRCA 1/2 clinical research.

SmartChip™ TE: Workflow

SmartChip TE NanoDispenser

The single sample TEND allows for the maximum number of targets.

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