The SmartChip Human Oncology Panel

womanwithchip_finalThe SmartChip Human Oncology Panel

The SmartChip Human Oncology Panel contains over 1200 gene-specific assays covering 16 functional groups.  Each of these groups and pathways are covered by a number of assays, with the appropriate controls, all on one chip.     Profile an exhaustive list of oncology gene targets in a single real-time PCR experiment. Accurate gene expression profiling of cancer-related pathways has never been easier. For more information or to request a quote, click here. The SmartChip Human Oncology Panel is ideal for cancer-related pathway profiling. Simply prepare your sample, and load it into the SmartChip already containing optimized real-time PCR assays in quadruplicate for each of the over 1200 oncology-related genes, 10 endogenous and 5 exogenous RT-PCR controls; and reap high-quality results.

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