Target Enrichment for NGS

Targeted resequencing studies require the ability to efficiently sequence a small subset of the genome. In clinical settings, sequencing a subset of the genome not only reduce costs, but also focuses on the relevant regions. The main challenge for clinical targeted resequencing methods is obtaining complete and uniform coverage of all target regions. Some popular methods for target enrichment rely on lengthy and inefficient hybrid capture or multiplexed PCR techniques, resulting in lower coverage and more off target sequencing reads. To address these challenges, WaferGen has developed a solution using massively-parallel singleplex PCR powered by the SmartChipTM Nano-Well Technology.


SmartChipTM Target Enrichment Advantages

Superior coverage Single-plex PCR eliminates multiplexing interference and cross-reactivity
Minimal amplicon drop-out (less gaps) results in less false negatives
Primer redundancy allows for better higher genome coverage across difficult regions
Multiple assay replicates for enhanced coverage
Unparalleled coverage uniformity Equal amplicon enrichment permits the loading of more sample in a single sequencing run
No sample-to-sample normalization required, saving library normalization costs
Flexible panel optimization Individual primer pairs can be swapped out without re-optimization of complete panel, permiting faster panel re-validation


WaferGen Target Enrichment Solutions

For a Single Sample Per SmartChip
For Multiple Samples Per SmartChip
TEND Cycler 2 MSND Cycler


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